Moonlight rõngaslina

Moonlight rõngaslina

Kasutusjuhendi leiad siit.
  • Suitable for front and hip carry
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton diamond weave fabrics
  • Density 220 gsm
  • For newborn (even for premature) babies till the end of the babywearing period
  • Provides the optimal physiological position in every stage of development
  • Supports the baby's spine in all sections
  • Due to its special weaving the fabric has a light diagonal stretch
  • Easy to use and quick to learn how to use
  • Requires small place, it can be always on hand
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the EU
What should I know about the ring sling?

It is the shorter version of the Liliputi diamond weave wrap, ending with two rings on one side. Can be used from the moment of birth until the end of the babywearing period, easily adjustable right to both of your bodies. Suitable for premature babies – however, we recommend to contact a babywearing consultant first. Perfectly supports the baby’s physiological pose in every stage of development. For front and hip carry. The Liliputi ring sling can be your perfect companion for breastfeeding while wearing your baby. Perfect choice for your toddler when he/she likes to be put down regularly. Practical, requires small place to store, easy to learn how to use. One size which will even suit Dad, without previous adjusting so even he can wear his child easily.

Shall I choose front or hip carry?

You can wear your baby on your front right after the moment of your baby’s birth. Once your baby reached 6-7kg weight, make sure to use front carry only occasionally in order to protect your own body.

Hip carry can be used right after the moment of birth until the end of the babywearing period.

How shall I take care for my carrier?

To preserve the good condition and extend the lifetime of your Liliputi ring sling, always wash it in washing bag and put a sock on the rings. You can wash your Liliputi ring sling in washing machine, on 40 °C with liquid detergent, using low spin. Don’t use softener, and never put it in dryer.

Size and density

The slings are 70cm wide and 180cm long. Carefully weaved, strong, and long lasting. 100% Organic Cotton fabrics with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, dyed with AZO-free paint. Density: 220g/m2.

69 EUR